(at the Sherlock-Seattle Convention)

We just gained 4000 followers! Thank you everyone for all your support! In honor of this milestone, the administrative staff has a huge announcement for all our followers.

Next month, Improbable Studios will be making a special guest appearance at Sherlock-Seattle!

On Saturday October 5th, we will be debuting our first cinematic trailer in the Broadway Performance Hall and showcasing a sneak peak preview of Sherlock: The Game Is On (A Crime Solving Puzzle RPG). Drop by the theatre at 2:15pm to see exclusive footage and learn more about the game from our developers!


We’ll also be hosting a special Sherlock Merchandise Sweepstakes and giving out the prizes shown above and more!

To enter our sweepstakes, pick up a free button at our table in the Artists Alley on Saturday morning. On the back of each button is a raffle number. We’ll be calling out the winning numbers during our theatre presentation. Remember, you must be present at our theatre presentation in order to pick up your prize, so be sure to arrive at the theatre early! Seats will fill up fast!

Prizes created by our developers:

  • Sherlock: The Game Is On Poster and Prints by Yuri Ookino
  • Sherlock Quotes Tote Bag by CE Cooper
  • MoriarTea Collection by Meagan Roach
  • Sherlock: The Game Is On figurine set by Diana Kim
  • Sherlock: The Game Is On Notebooks by ichitoko
  • Sherlock: The Game Is On Tea Blend by Taryn Knight
  • Sherlock: The Game Is On Cross stitch by flamiekitten
  • Sherlock: The Game Is On Posters by TheLauloo
  • Sherock: The Game Is On Printed Cards by Stevie D
  • Sherlock and John hairpins by Melissa Wilkinson
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