Improbable Studios is now accepting applications for Programmers, Animators, and Graphical UI Designers.

Programmers take care of the technical aspect of designing the game. They are responsible for writing the code of the game in collaboration with other members of the development team. (more information on the experience required for this position can be found on our application form)

Animators animate short cutscenes that mark chapter starts and ends.

Graphical UI Designers design layouts and graphics for puzzle user interfaces and menus.


Interested in Being a Part of the Development Team?

Improbable Studios is an international team of over 200 artists, writers, composers, and programmers who collaborate online to create modern transformative media inspired by classic literature and popular culture.

Our staff is currently made up of some of the most renowned writers and artists in the Sherlock fandom.

You can learn more about the development team here:

You can also view our application procedure and apply online here:

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    These guys still need help! Especially for animating.
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    I’m on the development team (as a writer), and I can vouch that this game’s gonna be AWESOME, and that working on it is...
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